Voicethread in the classroom and beyond

The more I use voicethread, the more I like it. If you havent used it before, it is quite easy to use, the help section is great and there are useful online tutorials for it. It

  • caters for multiliteracies
  • able to be used at all age levels as long as a child can speak
  • boosts confidence in public speaking
  • the vast majority of students can speak but many cannot write well
  • if voice fails, text can be used or video
  • Clarity and understandability is so critical if the VT is to be shared with other countries, so good diction is learnt


One of my personal favourite activities was “day in a sentence” when Australia was the first to host this popular activity overseas. Many teachers from around the world shared their week or days either verbally, in text or with a video.

Uses in my classroom have been primarily collaborative projects. Examples include the following:-

  • year 7 class completed their ‘camp in a sentence’ using voicethread.
  • Another favourite was working with students in grade 6 from England, Bangkok Thailand and our  school where we talked about moving on to the next level of education and usually another school. We were fascinated with the varying accents.
  • a project with grade 3 and 4 students from Carolina where each student spoke on favourite topics eg favourite foods, animals, ways I have travelled, hobbies, places I have been etc

If you are registering for voicethread for the first time and are a teacher, make sure that when you logon, choose “go pro” and click on the link that says “K-12educators click here”. Apply for the free use of VT. An activation email will be sent to the school. If you do not apply for this, you are only eligible for 3 free voicethreads and then must pay. Or you can go ed, pay an annual subscription and enjoy complete privacy. However, even the free educational version allows a choice of privacy settings.


One response to “Voicethread in the classroom and beyond

  1. Good to know. I used VT for the first time this year and thought it could be handy. Good for discussions on various topics where we try to build in higher order thinking. Thx. for the educators tip. I may have to re-up!

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