Knowledge Bank Conference Day 1

What a great day of online sessions we had today with the highlight being the keynote speaker’s session by Steve Hargadon of classroom2.0 fame. Steve who lives in the USA was amazingly clear considering the distance between majority of us.

They journeyed from USA, England, Hong Kong, various states of Australia but predominantly Victoria to attend the sessions. The journey was virtual though and it was great to have the mix we had with the chat room going flat out most of the time with some wonderful ideas, resources and advice shared amongst the participants. The sessions were often at capacity, an average 110 participants. One of our USA participants had to get up at 4am to be present. What an effort!!

Steve identified ten trends in the educational use of Web 2.0 and discussed seven steps for educators to make a difference. Tools are changing how we learn and making schools think about what they do.
Why, why now and why such an impact? The Internet is becoming a platform for unparralled creativity and we are creating the content for the web. The principles of web2.0 are

  • Contributing,
  • Collaborating,
  • Creating


  1. Ability to create content
  2. Tidal Wave of Information
  3. Culture of openness
  4. Culture of participation
  5. The age of the collaborator
  6. An explosion of innovation
  7. The World Is Getting Flatter and Faster
  8. The Long Tail
  9. Social Learning Moved Toward Centre Stage
  10. Social Networking

What to do as educators?

  • Learn about web2.0
  • Lurk
  • Participate
  • Digest This Thought: The Answer to Information Overload Is to Produce More Information.
  • Teach Content Production
  • Make education a new discussion
  • Help build the new playbook

Read Steve’s post for the full picture and read the comments that were made on the post. Read the live blog or check out the conference wiki for more details or the live recording of the session.

Jess and I started the day with a 15 minute presentation with “How we championed web2.0 at our school”. Of the stakeholders in an educational institution, we feel the teachers are the most important to encourage and discussed how we got them on board, with a little bit about our personal journeys in web2.0.We were followed by interesting presentations by Daniel Gooding on “how I use Virtual Classrooms for teaching in LOTE” (check out their great resources and wikis) and Heather Robinson on “how we used a Virtual Classroom to bring a fossil back to life”.

The final session for the day was run by Mark Landy and 5 panelists. Again the chatroom was extremely busy and global educationalists took part in the live blog which was great. Another post will be written covering some of the chat and the panel discussion.

Looking forward to day 2 of the conference, tomorrow our time in Melbourne, Victoria (gmt+10)


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