Knowledge Bank Online Conference

“I believe that the read/write Web, or what we are calling Web 2.0, will culturally, socially, intellectually, and politically have a greater impact than the advent of the printing press. I believe that we cannot even begin to imagine the changes that are going to take place as the two-way nature of the Internet begins to flower, and that even those of us who have spent time imagining this future will be astounded by what happens. I’m going to identify ten trends in this regard that I think have particular importance for education and learning, and then discuss seven steps I think educators can take to make a difference during this time.” Steve Hargadon

The Victorian Education Dept’s Kowledgebank is running an online conference on Tue 23rd and Wed 24th July. I am running the live blogs which will complement  the conference sessions. The liveblogs will be active 15 mins before the beginning of each session and can be found by clicking on the appropriate links on the conference wiki. This means that I can blog about what is happening in the elluminate conference room and others can join me with questions or share links and resources.

Jess and I are kickstarting the conference with a 15 minute presentation on “How we championed web2.0 at our school.”

To summarise the sessions

Day 1:
9am – Session 1 – Introducing Web 2.0. 

10.30am – Session 2 – Keynote – Steve Hargadon. 

12pm – Session 3 – Panel discussion on Keynote.

Day 2:
10am – Session 1 – Knowledge Bank: Next Gen.

12pm – Session 2 – Keynote 2 – Chris Bigum.

2pm – Session 3 – 5 ways to get started.

Personally, I am really looking forward to the session with Steve Hargadon as classroom20 has played a critical and essential role on my uptake of web2.0 and I love his quote:-


2 responses to “Knowledge Bank Online Conference

  1. I will cannot wait to read how your training session goes.
    I like the idea of starting small, however I am also cognizant of the fact that education has not been quick to embrace inventions in the past. In my current position I feel the pressure to jump start the slow turn around in this field of the “changing classroom” aka web 2.0.

  2. Good luck with your sessions and I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend due to work commitments.

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