My precious clustr map

My poor little map, you started to break out in spots

Then I realised they that they were in fact good dots,

Somone was actually visiting me

So I started writing with glee!!

Giving you prime spot I  put you right up at the top

But now that you are so red, you are at the bottom

However, even there you are never forgotten.

Once I had learned how to add widgets to my blog, I inserted a clustr map. The sheer delight and excitement of red dots appearing have to be experienced to be believed. I hear shouts of excitement in my classroom from students when dots appear. Now, when I start my lesson, I know that I have to allow several minutes for students to check out their maps as this is the first thing they do. Screens all around the room have  maps enlarged (double clicking on them) and discussion takes place as to the country’s origin.

Do blogs improve learning outcomes? Yes, yes, yes! They are one of the most motivational factors that I have witnessed in teaching. For those wary souls out there, if nothing else, knowledge of geography has improved vastly. In a recent post prompt of students, I asked students how they determined which countries their dots appeared in and these were their answers:-

  • a real atlas
  • the ditgital atlas on our computer network
  • asking a teacher or fellow student.

This surely is a great example of student directed learning.

However, it is with dismay that we found out that each 12 months, the clustr map reset. Jess has already had hers reset and lparisi and her students. I haven’t had the heart to tell my students that yet!!!

More comments on my post prompt, came from other teachers within our school and I shall add them below:-

Jess:-I love my Clustrmap too! I usually have it on the front page of my blog so I see it all the time. It makes me feel good to know that people are stopping by my blog! The effect that is has on my blogging is motivating me to write a post when maybe I wasn’t going to because it is confirmation that people think I have something to say that is interesting
Wendy S I love our class cluster map and we get very excited checking out who has visited our site. We are going to have to get a big map of the world to work out some countries. WOW, Yes, another country, where’s that?: are some of the words I have heard from the kids.

Margm Couldn’t agree more with all these comments Anne. I LOVE seeing my visitors and my own knowledge of geography is increasing as we rush to the map to see where the country might be. It’s actually lovely to feel the same excitement that the kids feel and you can appreciate the motivation it is to continue blogging. Thanks to you and Jess for your continued inspiration. We love you lots xoxoxox


13 responses to “My precious clustr map

  1. Mmm, gotta love those red measles, hey and the students love it too especially the first time that they register a dot from offshore. The dots make real the notion that the students can actually tell someone what they think and that it is read.

  2. I agree. I just added a clustr map to my son’s blog last week to get a little more motivation happening.

    Mind you, be prepared for when it gets reset ie all the dots will disappear one day and you’ll have to start again 😦


  3. I’ve just got hooked on Feedjit. There is a map that can be satellite or a labeled world map that shows the flag of the countries. Lots of features that compliment cluster maps. I’ve found it great for locating countries etc

  4. Hi there,

    I like the idea of knowing who is visiting. It is a concrete measure of your success!

    I also like the lists that some blogs have that show, who has or is visiting. I did find that I am shown as coming from a suburb, 60 kms away!


  5. My little map is just 11 days old. I thought I would keep track of its changes graphically, so I have been using Jing to take its picture. I plan to do so every few weeks. Now that I know it’s got less than a year to live this is even more important!

  6. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing another little red dot appear on your map, or seeing an existing dot grow larger. While they’re not completely accurate, it’s still exciting to have a visual representation of your readers.

  7. @elainetalbert The older students have now added as well. They are intrigued to think that we are seen as Melbourne which is 4 hours away in a car but I think it is because the globalstudent blog is sponsored from there.

  8. @cafechick and elaine talbert The students just love seeing the dots appear. They copied them into a post earlier last week, and some found when they came to my class a few days later, more dots had appeared. They were thrilled!

  9. @jansmith We have used MS Paint to capture our clustrmaps and then one of the students discovered that you can just right click on the map, copy and paste immediately into their blog post.

  10. @elaine talber The older students and I have all inserted the feedjit widget now. They love reading where there readers are from and why they came to their blog site.

  11. @adrianbruce I have forewarned the students about the fact that their map will be reset and they are devastated However, if we can copy it periodically in their posts they will have a record of it.

  12. @johnpearce You have actually given the reasons why blogging can have such powerful learning outcomes

  13. Well, I quite agree with all of bloggers:) but soon will be easier to spot people in around the world using new sattelite system navigation that is now being constructing for google. And it is now available also but with poor quality.After new release of product, all users could use this system for their blogs… And wouldnt be great to use those dots online?and without using just dots?:)of course for those who has webcameras))Murcha, what do you think about all this?:)

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