WIWOW stands for Walk In Walk Out Wednesdays. Jess and I are laying the eplanks for a virtual school. As teachers and educationalists are the key to success, it is important for staff to

  • comfortable using computers
  • use emails and then move onto
  • use programs and online tools that are personally useful to them and
  • use web2.0 tools in their classroom once they can see a ‘need’ or ‘purpose’ for them

In Victoria, Australia, our teacher registration body requires us to complete a minimum amount of PD (Professional Development) each year. As these afternoon sessions would comply with that, records need to be kept and in true “disorganized” state, I am going to keep a record here of queries that teachers worked on and the initials of staff who attended, in this blog for more efficient recording and easy retrieval.

Date:-Wed July 16th

Staff in attendance:- GP, JK, WS, TB, BG, AM, Jess

Queries covered and worked on:-

  • uploading movies to teachertube
  • correcting work ie using the ‘new comments’ (under review) function of MS Word for returning to student via intranet, rather than printing.
  • learning how to create a wordle, produce a screen dump in MS Paint, save as an image and insert into a word document as a prompt for terms needed to be learnt for a topic in Human Development. Students will then search the wordle for the terms and write up the definitions.
  • embedding MS Photostory into a blog
  • using www.wordle.com to add a word cloud to a word processed document for printing and classroom use.
  • embedding Voicethread into a blog

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