How weird! – Students in my PLN??##??

Graham Wegner put out a tweet for opinions tonight on Kickstarting a PLN and as I am presenting on a similar theme at a conference in September I was keen to make a comment and read the comments on his post.

It was rather a coincidence that today I read one of my student’s posts which read:- 

hey everybody! Do you use google? Well now as an energy save you can use It is exactly the same as google but black. It saves energy and is better for the environment.

I realise that my students themselves are becoming more and more a part of my personal learning network, together with my existing fellow staff members and global colleagues. I had never heard of black google before but was quick to look it up.

The grade 6 students love all the whizz bang widgets etc but they have also found some really valuable tools eg quiz makers etc that can be embedded in blogs. Rather amazingly,  students are automatically and independently taking up more professional type blogging everyday and sharing their knowledge.

Last year, they learnt very much from me but now……. I am a facilitator and they are becoming part of my learning network. Is it a sign of the early stages of a 21st century classroom? Or should students be learning from me??


3 responses to “How weird! – Students in my PLN??##??

  1. This is great! I think we need to make sure that our students are part of the conversation and you have done this! Hopefully this will inspire others to branch out.

  2. I am going to add the tweets that I received on this post as well:-
    leohavemann @murcha I think this is great! Thanks for sharing with us.

    hshawjr @murcha students should be part of the solution, they are not the problem and teachers can learn a lot fm students if we only listen 🙂

  3. Anne – this like your Setting up a class blog is another excellent post.

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