Happy belated birthday dear blog!!!

As usual, I often forget  important events and dates and here is one I have actually missed – the birthday salute to this blog. My first post was on June 27th, 2007, entitled Getting started! and my opening lines were “Don’t really know where to start!”. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to do, nor where it would lead me, except that I had stated blogging as a criteria for our rich picture case study grant application for the Victorian Education Dept grant. I just had TO DO IT!!!

Now, when I look back I cannot believe where this has taken me. It started as journal entries for journeys with my classes in podcasting, but has become a valuable resource, reflective tool and a means of connecting with so many wonderful people both locally and globally. The value of comments, and the conversations and connections that have evolved have been fantastic and taken my knowledge and use of the emerging technologies to ever increasing levels. I shall reflect:-

My first post Getting Started

My most popular posts:- 

Most commented on post:-

Day in a Sentence Goes Technicolour (I was proud to be the first overseas host of this wonderful collaborative activity set up by Kevin) and the result of this post is summarized in a slideshare using powerpoint.

I really value all comments but some that stand out:-

  •  from Graham Wegner “Great to see more Aussie teachers dipping their toes into the Web 2.0 waters – “we need more switched on educators like yourself prepared to take some risks and work out the potential benefis to our students.”
  •  from Bill Genereux   “I find your international collaborations exciting and fulfilling the dream of what the Internet was supposed to be all about.  Your students should be proud to be involved in this sort of learning. ”   

So to anyone who has read my posts, visited my blog, made comments, mentored me or helped me in anyway a big thank you!!   A big special thankyou to my fairy blogmother, Heather Blakey, of “soul food cafe fame” and my partner in virtual learning and laying the eplanks for a web2.0 school, Jess McCulloch.


3 responses to “Happy belated birthday dear blog!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, indeed, to a Dear Blog and its Dear Writer!

  2. Yo Anne,

    Congratifications on the journey so far, such a long way so far and yet in may ways the journey has just begun. I love the gentle and caring way in which you share the steps you’ve taken thus far and it’s always great to catch up in person as well.

    Looking forward to hear about what happens next term and beyond, John P

  3. Heather Blakey

    Such birthday excitements. Happy blog birthday Anne.

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