Wordle – creating word clouds

For quite some time I have been searching for an online word cloud creator. One of Kevin’s posts relating to his day in a sentence, alerted me to wordle. As I wanted my students to teach me some of their txt talk, so that I can see how they communicate, I decided to try it out. These were the steps that I took:-

  •  Choose “create your own” (I typed up my collection in MS Word first of all getting my students to add as many words as they could), then copied and pasted it into the wordle window.
  •  Click on GO button
  • If save to gallery, can choose many different layouts, then grab code for embedding in your blog
  • or, as I do, print screen the result>paste into MS Paint>crop>save as jpg image
  • Upload this image into your blog as it gives a much larger image

At this stage wordle appears to allow you to use the results as you will. It will have a broad range of educational applications as continued use and trialling continues.


One response to “Wordle – creating word clouds

  1. I had a simple idea for using wordle as an assessment for a classes writing that you might be interested in.
    At the start of a topic on descriptive writing get the childrens work and paste into wordle. Do the same at the end and and hopefully they’ll show the difference!

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