Lovin’ the web2.0 of google

I love using google and its many applications – search, maps, earth, sheet, documents, igoogle, etc but I learnt about a lot more applications at the recent ICTEV conference in Melbourne.  The session was conducted  by Greg Gebhart of IT Vision. Thanks Greg and here are some of the applications:-
www.soople.com  Soople makes it easy to search for all the advanced features of google
http://finance.google.com  gives stock reports
http://blogsearch.google.com easy search for blogs
http://scholar.google.com  eg technology eduction would get all research papers from way back
http://www.google.com/alerts google alerts  can get alerts for key words eg topics
http://mail.google.com  need gmail which is key for all advanced features (I personally would not be without my gmail account. There are lots of fantastic inbuilt features and it allows for the transmission of large files)
froogle  www.google.com/ – a searchable site where products can be searched for (like ebay but without auctions )– can shop for content froogle www.google.com/catelogs
www.google.com.au/maps google maps is real time data>street view>satellite Can actually see the street view If search for eg flinders street Melbourne>can get directions by keying  in destination
www.earth.google.com/  download it. Goto Grand Canyon can use arrow keys to go right in.
http://www.google.com/educators/index.html google for educators
http://video.google.com  Search for education and there are many lessons to be found.  Need google video player to view them
http://books.google.com  where you can search for all types of books
http://desktop.google.com can search from your computer just like you search with google on the internet
www.google.com/calendar Can download all the school holidays etc.
www.google.com.au/trends  today’s hottest trends
http://pages create web pages
http://freshdelicious.googlepages.com/   a newbie on the scene. This one came to my attention via twitter from –pfanderson :

 @murcha I just heard about FreshDelicious and am enthralled! Can hardly wait 4 a moment 2 try it out. I expect 2 hit 14K in Delicious today


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