What is a blog?

Back to Basics (which is exactly where I was 12 months ago!!)

Tomorrow, Jess McCulloch and I have been asked to present at the “Grass ICT PD” day at Casterton. We are preparing a short keynote address to kickstart the day off. Our role is to simply introduce wikis, nings and blogs to the audience “as most of the teachers have never heard of, let alone seen any of these….”.  So, I am talking on “What is a blog?” (If anyone reads this post, I would really appreciated feedback and further comments.) The following shows the pattern that my address will take. I have used linked examples primarily from my blog and those of my students.

What is a Blog?

In simple terms, a blog is a web page where what you write on the front page goes in chronological order.
Other pages can be created and added, but are static eg “about me page”

It can be:-

whatever you would like it to be really.
So, let’s walk through a blog and find some

  • Posts
  • pages
  • themes
  • headers
  • widgets
  • comments
  • blogroll
  • collaboration evidence
  • links 

and now………let’s get started!

This is the powerpoint presentation version of the above.


6 responses to “What is a blog?

  1. Hi Anne,

    Are you planning to record your session as a mp3 file or movie file? That would be great.

    Best wishes


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  3. Hey,
    That is a really good explanation on what a blog is, If I didn’t know I sure would find out by reading that post!


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  5. I found this comment on another blog but want to add it here as it is great for why blog.
    Jason Everett of http://www.blogger.com/profile/18015657680940568477 said
    My favorite web 2.0 tool is an oldie but, I think, goodie that is the foundation for the future of the Internet. It’s not fancy. It’s not hard. It’s blogging. And in the background, RSS is the engine that runs not only blogging but a host of other services that are changing the way we think about the Internet.

    But, at its most basic level, blogging is a tool that allows anyone to easily share thoughts and ideas, have a conversation with other professionals with similar interests, or keep a record/journal of what you are doing. Really what it does is give people a voice. And anyone can participate: young or old, rich or poor, blue eyes or brown. It can be regular old text blogging or any other form to communicate to the world: picture blogs, audio blogs (Podcasting), video, etc.

    So, in short, favorite Web 2.0 tool: Blogs
    Hope you dont mind me adding this here, Jason

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