My day in a comic

Kevin has challenged us this week to present our day in a sentence, with a cartoon, so I have tried to portray my week’s trip to Tasmania with years 9 and 10 students, using toondoo to create the comic. We had a great time and the highlight for many of the students was a visit to zoodoo wildlife park.



3 responses to “My day in a comic

  1. I had trouble with ToonDoo but grabbed a copy from here for Day in a Comic.

  2. @kevin I had trouble as well with toondoo so I actually had to do a screen grab into ms paint and insert as an image. It worked okay in edublogs but not wordpress.

  3. Your comic: to the point and humorous. Great work! When I saw the boy shooting the camel with a water pistol, I thought, “That probably really happened.”

    BTW, I saw you made a survey to put in Google, do you have that available online?

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