Our global connectedness

I wish I would have used the above title for my session at ICTEV yesterday as it is so much more realistic now. However, I put in my presentation synopsis quite a few months ago and now we are so much further down the track (around the globe). Instead of 4 hours to get around the world, it is just a few minutes of connection time. One of my first experiences of connectedness witht the globe was from classroom2.0 when we were having problems playing videso from our video iPod through a tv monitor. I put the question up on various Australian mailing lists as we really wanted to show the digital stories to a parent presentation. As a last minute endeavour I also put it up as a discussion on classroom20. Within 10 minutes the answer to our problems came back from a teacher in Alabama, USA!!! Hey  presto, the advice worked!!

The ICTEV conference theme was “Successful Stories in ICT” and I know that for my students the use of web2.0 tools has been a great success. Below is the powerpoint presentation that I used as the basis for my talk.

3 responses to “Our global connectedness

  1. Your story was great to listen to yesterday at the ICTEV conference. What made it an ICT success was that it was real, and not out of reach for others. You are an inspiration to the Baby Boomer, X and Y generation of teachers. 🙂

  2. I wish I could have been present for the presentation. You have done so much this year. Great job!


  3. Like Bill, I wish I could have been there (What? no free plane tickets?) The presentation looked intriguing and I liked how you were honest with the possibilities and the limitations.

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