Day in a sentence goes technocolour

Cheers! Australia is proud  to host  ‘your day in a sentence’  this week. So come on all, and Aussies in particular, tell the world about your week! I am grabbing Kevin’s catch line of ‘day in a sentence in technocolour”!! (Wish other countries could spell correctly!!!)

Here is the idea:
Boil down your week or a day into a sentence, mentioning a colour that best describes your day or week within that sentence.

Post as a comment here. The comments will all be threaded together on Sunday  here and on Kevin, our host’s site at

eg Yellow describes my day today as I strived to make the theory interesting for my yr 12 students, applying the theory of working in virtual teams by live blogging with them – 2 hours just flew past!!

Be part of this virtual community that connects at least once a week ‘in a sentence’. Look forward to your comments.


31 responses to “Day in a sentence goes technocolour

  1. Monday, a green day, with five new teacher bloggers being cultivated after school and three young student bloggers helping with the planting.

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  3. When your child feels blue, you feel blue, too.

    — Kevin

  4. My day yesterday was very blue-green, as we walked and geocached our way through the cemetary overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

  5. In our glorious spring landscape I see the kelly green of leaf tips just coming out, feather-soft whiteness of cherry blossoms, and fresh-plowed sepia earth, just exactly the color and texture of a package of brownie mix.

  6. It’s cold in Maryland for May, but the lush greens of lawns, trees, and gardens all around remind me that it is, indeed, “the lusty month when everyone goes blissfully astray!”

  7. A rainbow of family and friends is expected to shine over us this weekend for my daughter’s high school graduation celebration.

  8. A chaotic rainbow of overly stimulated students and overly stressed students colored my week.

  9. Eeek! I forgot to include my teaching web address: here it is


  10. Shades of green cloud my thoughts of the large frog that jumped up out of the toilet water on our field trip at a fish farm — never look at another toilet the same way!

  11. AHHHHH I saw red today when I found a $1900 charge on my credit card for tickets on Ethiopian Airlines!

  12. Full moon time, and the bush is shining silver at night.

  13. Shades of yellows, sands, browns and greens for today as I sat with a colleague and worked alongside her to create a wiki for her students who are studying Ancient Egypt. A big step for her and a happy yellow day for me.

  14. Varying shades of purple for unexpected sadness and unexpected pleasant surprises.

  15. Though we’ve seen red, blue, yellow and green,
    My mood is best described as aubergine.

  16. I will ban the grey that comes to mind as I look out my window and focus on the flowers of roses in front of me; pastels in yellow, orange and pink remind me of my lovely class and the final lesson we had.

  17. Brown would describe the way my day started when I had to go to school (again) with my teen to encourage enrollment and classwork that really meets her needs since she became ill and is recovering. Happily the day changed to orange when my husband bought a new Stihl weed-eater for my tool kit. IMHO, you have to take any bit of happiness from wherever you can;D

  18. Singleton rose in spectral volcano dance.

  19. The black ice of MCAS melted into the cool blue of hornbooks and holidays by Friday afternoon.

  20. Outside this week, no matter what, into the blue, the green, the sun the rain, no matter what, it’s all about outside, camera in one hand to capture all the colors.

  21. bright crimson, the hue of my cheeks after field day, and the color flashing before my eyes after the rest of my team ate lunch 50 yards away from our 93 students – why are we confused when the kids get into fights?!

  22. Bright sky blue defines the beauty of a day with many successes and longing for more days like sky blue.

    God’s Peace to All!

  23. My week as a colour-green as in green thumb and green as in envy of all the gardeners who live in a warmer climate who can grow all those things I can’t. 🙂

  24. My week started off colorful but faded to black as I turned off my lights and locked my classroom door for the last time this school year.

  25. The Sierra foothills are unusually gray and wet for this time of year, but I’m feeling the warm orange glow of a stay-at-home-and-unwind 3-day Memorial Day Weekend

  26. Fluoro pink as mums with kids with disabilities danced our night away a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” camp.

  27. Staff day/Worldskills Expo/Try-a-trade/Assessment verification (whew!) back to work for a spell

  28. Rainbow colors our week of family travel from biking to golden beaches in Marbella, Spain to swimming in a periwinkle pool in the Algarve of Portugal & happily homeschooling along the way.

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  30. I would describe my day as rather purple. Productive but ultimately frustrating!

  31. Fantastic job Anne! You made the exercise your own and we all benefited.

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