Laying the eplanks

april 21 001





The ePlanks podcast is up and running! We have 4 episodes all ready to go for your listening pleasure. ePlanks is a project that Jess McCulloch and I are working on. We are trying to lay the ePlanks of the virtual classroom for a Web 2.0 school. This is our theme for our teacher professional leave that we have been granted from the Victorian Education Department.Jess has been a bit busy lately with her little iPod and it’s voice recorder -which has become her favourite piece of technology lately! Please note that I am adapting Jess’ post to place on my blog. So thanks, Jess!!
Episode 1 – We talk to Virginia, one of our staff members, as she begins her journey as a blogger. We ask her what she thinks of the whole Web 2.0 thing. She’s feeling a bit left behind and thinks that she has missed the boat, but that’s ok – never fear, Jess and Anne are here!

Episode 2 – At the recent SLAV conference “Re-imagining: Web2.0 applications and implications”, we met Sandy Phillips from the Victorian Department of Education’s Education Channel and so we sat her down and asked her how Global Teacher got started, which is the blogging campus we have set up many of our students and teachers with for their blogs.

Episode 3 – We (myself, Jess and our librarian, Faye) had a little chat amongst ourselves in the car about blogging as we drove back to Hawkesdale from Melbourne. We chatted about how we started, some fears and just jumping in and trying it.
Episode 4 – As part of our ePlanks project, Anne and I decided to go and visit Coburg Senior High School, who are not just talking the talk of a 21st century school, but also walking the walk. You will have to listen in for more details of this pretty amazing school.

We are planning many more episodes for ePlanks, so keep an ear open – we are on the cyberwaves!

Go straight to our podomatic site, or you can subscribe through iTunes.

 Thanks again, Jess for allowing me to adapt and use your post!!


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