Get your newspaper here!!

My blog as a newspaper


 I would like to sincerely thank @MrKp for ‘walking’ me through this interesting adaptation for blog posts. From @MrKp’s capable instructions, I have converted the last 6 week’s postings for my blog into newspaper pdf format. Check it out.

  1. Copy rss feed from you own blog 
  2. Delete old rss feeds on there
  3. Then add your own feed in, click the articles you want to include and generate the paper. This can then be saved as a pdf. Save the file to your desktop or usb.
  4. Then go to issuu to publish the pdf onto the web. Embed code in your blog or add link.

@allanahk tried it as well and this is her tweet “Made my own blog newspaper with Feedjournal- good way to share blog posts minus photos with non-internet parents”
If anyone can help me to actually embed the code into my blog and have it rest there, I would be most grateful.


3 responses to “Get your newspaper here!!

  1. This is very cool! Thank you so much for sharing. Another cool Mashup to try out! What a great way to start my week.

  2. Great easy trick! I’m definitely passing this on to our classroom teachers! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tool, Anne! For archiving purposes and for students without Internet access at home, I like this format. Thanks for sharing.

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