Do students feel safe blogging?

When I was recently asked to write an article on safety, one of the questions was whether students felt safe using the web2.0 tools. So, I asked Grade 6 students a question on whether they felt safe blogging. (Students have had a class blog for 8 months and individual blogs for 2 months)

Here are some of their replies:-

  • I am very careful, and I make sure I never write anything too personal about me. And instead of using pictures of our selves we use vokis, weemees, and avatars.I feel safe because we are always reminded to not use our last names and we can talk to all our friends and our teachers. Also because our teachers regularly check all of our blogs and leave comments.
  • Because we don’t use photos and teachers remind you not to do some stuff.
  • Noone has said anything bad about my blog.
  • We don’t put our personal details and photos
  • Nobody really annoys us and if they do we can delete them.
  • I do because we dont write anything to personal about our selfs and we dont use pictures we use vokis weemees and avatars.
  • I feel safe as I have not given out heaps of information about where I live.
  • I feel safe because I haven’t used any of my information, last name or pictures .
  • Because i haven’t given heaps of info about where i live. I use Avatars instead of photos

4 responses to “Do students feel safe blogging?

  1. These were great comments. Obviously they have someone teaching them who shows them the safe way to blog. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Think my students are feeling safe. I get lots of emails asking permission to post and one student even sent an email to Amali Ward with interview questions asking if she could then post it in her own blog. Got a reply within four hours and now it is there for all to read and comment on.

  3. Hi Anne

    This is very encouraging. Due to recent events in SA I have not ventured into individual blogs for students, but your students obviously enjoy them and are aware of the safety issues. Let’s hope that student blogs will be a thing of the near future for us here too.

  4. Thx. for sharing this. It would be great to have a list of tips, when introducing class blogs to students. That is, tips regarding safety, do’s and don’ts, etc.

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