20 reasons why students should blog

Blogging is such powerful learning material and students should blog.

Why?………………………Here are just 20 reasons 

This post has been written as a draft for a few days, but I wish to publish it now, in support of @alupton and his wonderful minilegends. (They have been asked to remove their blog by their education department)

  1. It is FUN! Fun!….. I hear your sceptical exclamation!! However, it is wonderful when students think they are having so much fun, they forget that they are actually learning. A favourite comment on one of my blog posts is: It’s great when kids get so caught up in things they forget they’re even learning… 🙂  by jodhiay
  2. authentic audience – no longer working for a teacher who checks and evalutes work but  a potential global audience.
  3. Suits all learning styles – special ed (this student attends special school 3days per weeek, our school 2 days per week, gifted ed, visual students, multi-literacies plus ‘normal‘ students.
  4. Increased motivation for writing – all students are happy to write and complete aspects of the post topic. Many will add to it in their own time.
  5. Increased motivation for reading – my students will happily spend a lot of time browsing through fellow student posts and their global counterparts. Many have linked their friends onto their blogroll for quick access. Many make comments, albeit often in their own sms language.
  6. Improved confidence levels – a lot of this comes through comments and global dots on their cluster maps. Students can share their strengths and upload areas of interest or units of work eg personal digital photography, their pets, hobbies etc Staff are given an often rare insight into what some students are good at. We find talents that were otherwise unknown and it allows us to work on those strengths. It allows staff to often gain insight to how students are feeling and thinking.
  7. Pride in their work – My experience is that students want their blogs to look good in both terms of presentation and content. (Sample of a year 10 boy’s work)
  8. Blogs allow text, multimedia, widgets, audio and images – all items that digital natives want to use
  9. Increased proofreading and validation skills
  10. Improved awareness of possible dangers that may confront them in the real world, whilst in a sheltered classroom environment
  11. Ability to share – part of the conceptual revolution that we are entering. They can share with each other, staff, their parents, the community, and the globe.
  12. Mutual learning between students and staff and students.
  13. Parents with internet access can view their child’s work and writings – an important element in the parent partnership with the classroom. Grandparents from England have made comments on student posts. Parents have ‘adopted’ students who do not have internet access and ensured they have comments.
  14. Blogs may be used for digital portfolios and all the benefits this entails
  15. Work is permanently stored, easily accessed and valuable comparisons can be made over time for assessment and evaluation purposes
  16. Students are digital natives – blogging is a natural element of this.
  17. Gives students a chance  to show responsibility and trustworthiness and engenders independence.
  18. Prepares students for digital citizenship as they learn cybersafety and netiquette
  19. Fosters peer to peer mentoring. Students are happy to share, learn from and teach their peers (and this, often not their usual social groups)
  20. Allows student led professional development and one more……
  21. Students set the topics for posts – leads to deeper thinking activities

This is surely powerful learning!!

Since this post was written, students have been asked to give their reasons why they should blog and here is a year 9 girl’s answer. 

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  2. Keeping Students Cybersafe – the first and most important lesson

129 responses to “20 reasons why students should blog

  1. Anne, well done for this. It is so misguided to stop blogging in classrooms. Your reflective writing about why we should blog with students is excellent.

  2. Anne, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about for the last few days. I’ve had my Computer Science Intermediate & Advanced students start blogs. They are reluctant writers, I’m hoping this will help. I believe that as they leave high school and go on with their education, they will be expected to be bloggers, at the moment they are finding this hard to believe, but I think I’ll be proved right on this one.

  3. This is a great list… I want to file this post for future reference about blogging. This summer I am going to work for a local National Writing Project group and teach them about blogging and web 2.0. Bill

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  5. What an awesome list! I couldn’t have done better. (By the way, I was directed here by way of Bill Gaskin’s Blogging on the Bay. )

  6. Anne – I agree with all the other commenters – this is an excellent list of reasons why learners should blog and I’ve also filed it away. Hopefully Al also uses it when he discusses the issues with his Education Department.

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  10. Hi Anne,
    This is a great blog post, one which I shall share with my local physical networks and via my blog (which has gotten behind, but sometimes life gets in the way!)

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  13. I have just got into blogging with my class and I have just come across your list. I think it is excellent. In the short time we have been blogging I have seen a real growth in confidence from the children to leave comments and share their thoughts. It has surprised me that some of the students I would least expect to comment are the ones getting into it.

  14. As always a really useful reflective post! I’m going through the hassle of setting up my classes blogs and had the usual thought of ‘Why am I doing this … for me or for the kids?’

    The answers now seem clear – it’s for all of us!

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  18. Great to hear that you’re not giving up. I have been blogging with my kids and vice-versa for the last 2 years and now I have been asked to present to our Family of Schools about it. Inspirational leaders such as yourself will help more teachers to take the chance and use technology in their classrooms.

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  21. Wow. This list is quite resourceful and relevant to the integrating technology course I am taking. Educators must begin to serve as role models to students when it comes to technology. We must creatively teach students how to responsibly utilize all of the powerful tools Web 2.0 has to offer.

  22. Another reason why we should step up to the plate as educators and use blogging in the classrooms is due to the fact that blogging has gone mainstream as described in Web literacy for educators (November, 2008). “It is time to revisit the the upside of preparing students to understand the ethics and social responsibility that comes with all of this global power” (November, 2008).

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  24. Hi friends,
    This year students and colleges can register at http://www.seatsvacant.com. This is a reverse auction website to seek admissions to various courses all over the world. Colleges will bid each students admission request, so that prospective students can complete their dream course for a minimum course fee.

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  28. Would this be suitable for a 4th grade class? I just found this site, and would like more information on how I could control the topics of discussion. You know 4th grader’s parents need to know that their children are safe and not being exposed to any unnecessary material.

  29. Well, very simply really. It gets your name out there! =) and if you’re a web developer it’s a good way of learning how SEO works.

  30. Jeffrey Riley

    Great collection of reasons why students should blog. I specifically can confirm that when students have a REAL audience their motivation to look twice on dotting i’s and crossing t’s is huge. They are inspired to write more. The ability to respond to another person’s writing in a blog is powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Hi Anne love the ideas above. …… the comments you have recieved from people also provide great discussion starters, just shows the authenticity and engagement blogs can provide the learning communities we all work with.
    My Blog-http://sperry20.edublogs.org/

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  38. Blogging is really fun. I’m in college and blogging provide the freedom to write any style you want. If I write college essays the way I wrote in my blog, no doubt I would get a C or worse. But it doesn’t matter, I have a channel to let my writing loose. Write whatever I want and however I want. Fun.Fun.Fun.


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  46. Hi Anne,

    This is a great list of ideas. I am working on my masters in technology and I will share some of your ideas with my peers.



  47. This is cool. Another reason I think we should blog is because blogging is a way to express yourself in your own unique way!!!

  48. Blogging is for lames. get off the computer and experience the world.

  49. Thanks so much for this! I was about to create a similar list to make the case for having my school adopt Edublogger Campus school wide, but you have already done a better job than I could have wished for. With your permission, I want to use this list in a presentation for my middle school principal.

    Robert C. Barker
    English/History Instructor
    Los Angeles

  50. Hi, I loved this post. I have just recently started using a blog in my classroom. I am currently in a master’s program and am going to be doing a presentation about blogging at a convention for the program. With your permission, I would like to use this post as a handout for the participants.
    Elizabeth Brunner
    Special Education
    Appleton, Wisconsin

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  52. Thanks for the great information, we hope to use this information on our website http://www.studentbrands.co.za to give to our vistors. We are South Africa largest online free platform everything on our website is free

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  56. Hi, I loved this post. I have just recently started using a blog in my classroom. I am currently in a master’s program and am going to be doing a presentation about blogging at a convention for the program. With your permission,

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  58. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Blogs are a wondeful tool to show the public what happens in schools and universities and to get in contact with people all around the world.

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  67. Very interesting list. I would myself also consider blogging just to clarify ideas, self and others, collaborating students exchange knowledge and learn to organize concepts, plan a strategy and develop their writing skills accordingly to their goals (posts)
    It would also be very encouraging to aim students to collaborate on a blog as a class assignment: this would teach students to assign tasks, divide labors, follow workflow and commit to a group our team activity.

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  77. I like that you list such a wide variety of benefits to students that blog, especially #2 (authentic audience), #3 (suits all learning styles), and #4 (increased motivation for writing). As a university student that has just started blogging in the past year, I can attest to the veracity of your claims. Blogging allows students to engage with their peers and a real audience over topics or issues that they’re truly interested in.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is really quite special as it the first time that a student has commented on this post. I returned a visit to your blog and was fascinated by your university experiences etc. The ‘frisbee’ competition is something that I had not heard of.

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  79. Excellent articles.

  80. hello guys..
    students should of course blog for their better future ,for their career growth,for their area of interest ,for better job oriented field..

    and for all these they need to have right kind of guidance which is available in the site http://www.indiaeduforum.com

    best luck..

  81. Thank you for the inspiration. I can always use good reasons to write!

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  83. I feel strongly that blogging should be in our shcool because kids in middle school and lower should know how to blog because our future is not going to be pen/pencil on paper work/homework its going to be typed half my work is already typed.

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  97. Wow this has inspired me thank you!

  98. Informative! Try http://www.teacherblogit.com This is a free blogging platform for students and teachers–it’s easy and it’s free!

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  101. Thanks for your grateful informations, currently am working in education product development for Students Portal , This informations will be really helpful for students

  102. Blogging is a great way to bring technology into education and vice versa. Learning has to extend beyond the classroom. Blogging is a great way to get students to help each other and motivate each other.
    Check out http://getaplus.wordpress.com/

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  106. Couldn’t agree more! I found that my proofreading and validation skills were drastically improved. I am sure that students have a lot to gain!

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  111. I totally agree with all the points that are made.

  112. The point is expressed in such a way one might find it difficult to disagree if you will. Proof reading is a highly under used skill in today’s society. good show jolly good show.

  113. I think blogging is wonderful. You can still learn alot of things and actually have fun with it. Also, you don’t have to worry about your teacher reading your work, its from people across the globe that you don’t even know. I find blogging definitely useful!

  114. I agree.

  115. I agree with the teacher. Blogging could help children with different learning styles and it is fun. Also some kids will get more pride in there work because once they see there blog looks good they can make other things look good.

  116. I agree with your article blogging can be fun and educational and the same time.

  117. I agree that blogging is a good way to get students interesting in writing or learning. It’s more exciting than normal class work.

  118. I agree that blogging is a great way for kids to take pride in their work. It teaches them to be responsible with what they write and has the ability to be seen by other people all over the globe.

  119. This Is a motivating list for people who doesn’t find interests in blogging! Great work.

  120. I think this is true

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