My week in review

Having decided that I want to improve both the appearance and content of my blogs, I will try uploading a review each week, sharing some of what I have learnt with my classes, students or my growing social network. Also I will nominate a student blog , a useful website and a blog posting for the week.

So for week 2, term 1 here goes……

….. studentsFirst day of blogging

  • all students from years 4-10 have their own individual blog, with me as co-administrator
  • the majority of students have written up their 5 goals for the year, and worked on their ‘about me’ page.

…. staff (10 min spots)

  • digilearn site ( A Victorian Education Dept website with many e-resources. As staff had  laptops at meeting, they then bookmarked this site in
  • demonstrated our new student blogs online

…..Personal Professional Development

  • attended ‘virtually’ the online DEN conference held in the USA Sun morning 6:00-10am 

… projects

… of the week

 jamendo creative commons music site with a playlist and lots of free music (I have been looking for a site like this  for all our digital storytelling and podcasting)

….blog of the week ( justification for online learning) 

One response to “My week in review

  1. This is such a cool idea – I was great to read the extensive overview of what web adventures you’ve been on this week.

    Would be good if you gave a short comment about why you selected your ‘blog of the week’.

    Looking forward to reading next week’s edition.

    Allison Miller
    Adelaide, South Australia

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