Web 2.0 Great Stuff

.baDecided to list all the web 2.0 pages that I have used and found really good. So here they are:


www.websurveymonkey.com  – great tool for creating survey

www.famundo.com  – an online calendar
google docs
google page creator – web page creator
http://www.irfanview.com  – digital image editing
http://www.toondoo.com/./Home.do – cartoon creator


www.wordpress.com – for blogging
mojiti – online digital video editing

www.bubbl.us –  for brainstorming
Of possible interest

http://www.circleup.com/my/cu/home – class feedback
http://www.tutorom.com/ – online tutorials
www.monkeyjam.com – claymation type software

Had the grade 5 and 6 combo today again so was not able to achieve a lot with the podcasting side of things. Instead we concentrated on our backyard blogs and I was pleased to be able to upload quite a few of them. This is certainly an excercise which the kids love.

I also skyped Teaching Sagittarius in Napier NZ but I tried it on my laptop connected to the smartboard in the grade 5 room (which was vacant). However, the smart board would not recognise the laptop and we had problems as skype was not downloaded onto the computer desktop. So I could feel another headache coming on!!! Anyway, we could the see NZ class really well with the video conferencing but their voices were very soft. They could see us but we had a lot of static. Anyway we will try again some time. The few kids I had with me were just so excited.

A wiki page has been created for us to share and we are about to upload an individual voki for each student to quickly introduce who they are in 60 seconds. Then we will set up 10 questions they would like to ask each other and put them into a podcast. Each student will be paired with one other from the opposite country. Anyway we are all quite excited about it. The USA has started school this week so we will be working with a school in Las Vegas with the year 7s and 8s.


One response to “Web 2.0 Great Stuff

  1. Here is another really good collaborative web-based mind mapping tool that might be worth looking at comapping.com.

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