Getting Started

Dont really know where to start!  Found out a few days ago that we were successful in getting a rich case studies grant from the Victorian Department of Education. We hope to work with the volunteers from the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre in order to develop enhanced podcasts for areas of the Western District volcanic region. This will be of interest to the global community especially as this area has applied for geopark status. Web 2.0 pages are to be used for creating, designing and developing our podcasts. Grade 6 students will be the focal group. Whooa!!! They have only just got their email addresses so there is a lot to learn.
Had the grade 6s for an IT class yesterday. Informed them of the grant and briefly discussed what we hope to achieve. Read the recent article from the Warnnambool Standard on the visit by UNESCO to gauge our acceptance as a geopark. 
Commenced looking up possible web 2.0 sites for usage.  Applied for an edublog but had problems enrolling. Added possible resources to my page for bookmarking. Taught the grade 6s how to set up their own page and tag.  This will be used for internet resources. Worked on my delicious site, marking possible web 2.0 pages to use.  Students started their pages.  
Went home at night and looked up the links to web 2.0 pages from  There are such a lot of options and a huge global world out there.  The trouble is that I am classified as a baby boomer and here I am teaching generation Y. However, it is an exciting time and I am looking forward to developing this project and continue in this blogging way.

Volcanoes Discovery Centre


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