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Reflections on the Global Education Conference #gec13

global audience for Nasir

Summer holidays and camping with family prevented me from attending any of the three google hangouts that Lucy Gray cofounder of the Global Education Conferences held. My reflections from the land down under are as follows!


  • the sheer awe of being part of a conference that is free, completely global, enables international networking and simultaneous sharing with world wide educators in real time.
  • being able to volunteer to moderate the conference and virtual lounge for long stretches of conference time whilst those in the USA were asleep.
  • learning from and with educators from Africa, the Middle East and other distant lands.  There was a great cohort of new educators from these countries this year.
  • From the ning chat, we learnt of  the current state of living and learning in Syria. The power is taken off at least twice a day for 2 hour stints to reduce the amount of violence. Kudos to this educator who was a presenter at the conference and was able to juggle around these blackouts and succeed in her efforts.
  • Admiring the efforts and lengths that other educators have to go to to present. In the words of our Syrian presenter when asked how her presentation went:- “Actually, we planned it well! We went to one of Lattakia 5 star restaurant to make sure that we have excellent internet access and on electricity.”
  • the virtual conference lounge where there was spontaneous networking, general chat, getting to know the presenters, the volunteers and general chat etc.
  • the chat on the ning where many people are comfortable to ask questions, share their experiences, passions and where they live and most importantly develop that all important global network. This would mostly be in English but often in Spanish and a translator tool had to be used to be able to understand each other.
  • Learning to moderate Spanish sessions with the help of translator tools, emoticons etc
  • Moderating a mulititude of sessions in the Australianevening with others from Israel, the Middle East, New Zealand and my wonderful colleague, Julie Lindsay.
  • setting aside dedicated time to moderate many of the sessions and hear how others are approaching global education.
  •  certificates were available for presenters and participants
  • the new ability to view recorded presentations in Blackboard Collaborate, or save as an mp3 file or share to youtube.
Tatyana Chernaya presents from Moscow, Russia

Tatyana Chernaya presents from Moscow, Russia

The disappointments

  • gaps in (Australian) night  time slots where there were no presentations.  But this quiet time gave time to plan, organise and network beyond the conference presentations
Social media toolbox with Hani

Social media toolbox with Hani

Suggestions for future conferences

  • encourage sessions in other languages. English is still the predominant language with a number  of Spanish sessions.
  • look at the timing as the Global Education Conference came hot on the heels of Connected Educator month – a busy time for other online conferences, webinars and activities

Resources from the Global Education Conference

global education twitter profile

What a fabulous and amazing conference this was.  A big, big thank you goes to Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray, the conference co-chairs. If you missed the conference you can find the recordings of presentations  here. The keynote presentations will be uploaded to the globaledcon youtube channel.

People are encouraged to leverage the resources developed by the Global Education community.  Lucy Gray has shared this list of resources:-

Global Education Conference


The Global Education Conference starts in two week’s time. Call for logoproposals are still being taken. Don’t forget to book the dates into your calendar for this great conference – Nov 18th-22nd, 2013. Join the Global Education Conference site and settle in for some great global learning. The whole conference is free and online with presenters and participants from across the world. See the flyer for details.

Follow some of the conversations pre, during and post the conference using the hashtag #globaled13

Are you presenting, will you be there! If so, hope to catch you online.

The Global Education Conference from a volunteer’s point of view

Presentation from USA on the Global Food Project

The global education is an innovative conference that uses cutting edge technology to connect, communicate with and enable collaboration across the globe in a 5 day, 24/7, free online conference that is open to any people interested in global education. The two co-founders, Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon do an amazing job to organise, co-ordinate and lead this conference, helped by an international team of volunteers.

The highlights

  • connecting and learning with and from people of many different countries in numerous sessions
  • Being in the same conference room at the same time with many of my online colleagues, especially those whose projects I have worked on and with eg Hello Little World Skypers group, World Museum colleagues, Lorraine Leo.
  • finding like minded people who are passionate about global education
  • being a part of the leadership committee with an amazing network of innovators helping to organise and fine tune the conference
  • completing  super volunteer shifts of up to 7 hours, working alongside moderators from Egypt, Belgium, Israel and Australia
  • helping out in up to 5 virtual session rooms at once.
  • attending several of the keynote sessions
  • moderating and co-moderating Spanish sessions where neither presenter or moderator could understand each other but the presentation successfully went ahead.  Images  used in the presentation told the story even if the language could not be understood.
  • watching the energy in the chat window of the Global Education Conference ning and observing people from numerous countries helping and supporting each other.
  • Learning of countries that I did not know existed as people in the chat would share where they were from.
  • Perusing the conference program and schedules with sessions 24/7, often with three or four simultaneous sessions
  • Modearing a session where a mix of languages was used – French and English
  • learning more about the potential and best use of Blackboard Collaborate as an online conferencing tool
  • all sessions were recorded and can be found by clicking on this link.

The setting or location – space and time no longer matter when the conference is virtual.

  • The conference took place in Blackboard Collaborate, a virtual conference tool that is a firm personal favourite
  • Discovering that my husband’s computer would allow me to be in up to 5 blackboard collaborate rooms at once (mine would crash as soon as I opened a second room)

The challenges

  • understanding others when neither speaks a common language
  • co-ordinating the virtual lounge and ensuring that there were individual moderators for all sessions
  • nervous presenters wishing to pre-load their presentations or wanting to practise the
  • helping those who are new to technology navigate the Global Education Confernece ning and find current sessions or sessions they knew they wanted to attend. Their pleas for help were often found in the chat area of the ning.
  • how to continue the conversations and maintain the global networking
  • web based nature of Blackboard Collaborate means that java may have to be updated.
  • ensuring that there are participants in all sessions
  • ensuring sufficient numbers of volunteers especially in the hours when the US is asleep
  • intermittent problems with MS Powerpoint presentations failing to load. Conversion of presentation to jpgs would often throw the order of slides out.

Suggestions for improvement

  • a sandpit room for presenters during the conference
  • encourage further sessions in languages other than English
  • ensure that current sessions and links to rooms are added to the chat  just prior to the session (dependant on numbers of volunteers)

Is this the world’s biggest conference? Global Education Conference 2012

You know there is something great and exciting going on when

  • the twitterverse starts pumping out tweets in a continuous wave  using the #tag #globaled12 If you do not already follow hashtags, try going to tweetchat and entering globaled12 in the search window and watch the tweets fall. See the globaled12 hashtag analytics
  • 1000 people apply for membership to the Global Education ning over two weeks
  • here is much animated chat going on in the Global Education  Conference social networking site,
  •  people say hi in their language in the chat
  • you can see conversations going on in a number of languages in the chat window
  •  a multitude of people email to seek advice and answers to questions re a conference,
  •  presenters are collaborating and working together and when the world is involved there are amazing conversations.
  • opportunities for training take place on an increasing scale

With over 330 sessions, a five days of conference and a potential audience drawn from across the world, the Global Education Conference is potentially the World’s Biggest Conference for Educators and people interested in promoting global education. This amazing feat for a conference is online, virtual and best of all free.  It does not sleep for 5 days with presentations around the clock! Presenters at this conference include educators, students and various community bodies interested in global education.

The hard work of Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon together with a global committee have been instrumental in its organisation.  Do not miss this exciting opportunity to :-

  • learn about the world from the world rather than a textbook
  • learn with the world
  • enjoy the comfort of your home or office space or classroom to be part of some amazing keynotes, spotlighted sessions and many presentations from people who are connecting globally and pushing education beyond our classroom walls.

Check out the schedules and sessions, scroll down find your time zone, click on the link to your timezone and you will be sent to the schedule for where you live. Choose the session(s) you want to attend, look for the link to the room, click on that prior to the session and you will enter the room where that presentation takes place.

Following are links to either lists of some of my favourite projects and connections and some suggestions for those people who are new to global education of presentations that might be of interest to them.

  1. Hello Little World Skypers  presentations
  2. Flat Classoom Project presenters and Stories from the Flat Classroom with Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis
  3. Sessions that might interest those who are new to global education.

See also Julie Lindsay’s great post on How to attend the global education conference.

Are you presenting? What sessions would you suggest? What do you think of an amazing conference like this? What excites you about this conference? Have you attended any of the past global education conferences?

Hope to see you there!

The Global Education Conference 2012

One of the most exciting conferences for me, is the virtual, online Global Education Conference involving educationalists and students from across the globe. This conference runs 24/7, is free and innovative in nature. All sessions offer presentations that share, discuss and/or present on global connectivity and collaboration. This year, it partners with the iEarn conference. The twitter hashtag is #globaled12

Submissions to present are still being accepted but hurry as the closing date is approaching fast. It is hoped that readers of this blog will attend some if not many of the sessions and consider submitting a proposal to present. Full details can be found at the Global Education Conference website and/or see the summary below. Will you be presenting? Will you be attending?

The 2012 Global Education Conference

Be part of the Global Education Conference

Global education is one of my passions and as such, I am proud to be on the Leadership Advisory Board for the Global Education Conference. iEarn is partnering with this conference for 2012. Below are the details. Will you consider presenting, volunteering and or participating?

Global Education Conference from a Volunteer’s Point of View

Last year, I was in admiration of the hours that Steve Hargadon, Lucy Gray and Julie Lindsay put into moderating  the Virtual Lounge Room. There was always someone there to greet the bewildered, the lost, the anxious, the excited and even the lonely. Help was there for  solving issues and problems encountered. Volunteers could meet, relax and await a session to take care of.

This year, I volunteered to take on some of these longer haul duties. Here are my observations:-

The people:- Nikki Ugrade was always there when I logged in. She kept me updated and such was her dedication that she slept in a breakout room where she safely kept the  slides for the Spanish presenters. Fearful that the room might shut down, she slept in that breakout room. Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray were often still there -such  long, long hours that they put in. Claudia was my most constant and conistent help whilst I was on duty. Claudia, from Romania helped me moderate many sessions. It was great  have Julie Lindsay there most evenings. Here is what it looked like for me:-

The atmosphere:- Nervousness, anxiety and excitement. No matter how much planning and preparation has been done, presenters can still be very, very nervous. Here are some quotes:

We did do a bit of training with a regional advisor and at 1 a.m. on Sunday we did the online session with Steve – and we felt fairly confident until about thirty minutes before. Then when we went into the room, everything we learned seemed to disappear from our heads and panic set in a little bit. So it was great to have you there calmly talking us through, especially the very wonky start.

I am just so NERVOUS. My session is not for hours yet, but I am here (in the help lounge) to try and calm my nerves. I am so excited!

Quiet  times between sessions.  At this time, the USA was asleep, Europe and other countries were at work or in school. This allowed time to put  links up on the board for upcoming sessions, to avoid the ‘last minute panic’ rush once multiple concurrent sessions started.

The fun times – when the US started to awake and the handover time arrived. There were stories to share, laughs to be had, experiences to tell, issues relayed and updates given before signing off.

The challenges:-

  • my slow internet access. I operated on the lowest possible dial up speed throughout the conference – and survived!
  • moderating three concurrent conference sessions at once.
  • moderating a session that was in Russian, another in Spanish, another in French. However, there was usually someone who could speak basic English and translate for me. Next time, google translate will be on standby!
  • understanding the different accents – Nepalese, Omani, Indianl, Asian etc
  • sorting out the technical issues that arose, although fortunately for me, these were few.
  • finding sufficient moderators during the Australian evening times
  • working hard not to offend anyone, and ensuring that I spoke slowly and clearly to make myself understood.
  • presenters not showing up
  • presenters turning up 20-30 minutes late
  • trying to get an audience for those who had no-0ne but the moderator in the room
  • my computer crashing just as I was about to enter a fourth room to ensure the presenter was there. It took 15 minutes to reboot, but Steve was in there by this time, coordinating all activities

The highlights

  • working on a global scale – exciting (but also rather daunting)
  • networking with an amazing number of high profile people
  • coping with being ‘pushed outside personal comfort zones’
  • sitting in a number of amazing sessions presented by people from across the globe.
  • moderating Sharon Peters’and student sessions on Making a difference in Mozambique.

Some notes:-

  • the Russian chat looked more like “English” chat rather than Russian. The saved chat did not pick up all the comments that had been made in the txt. Here is an example of one comment that it did save “Molodtsy! Chudesno! “, “u vas net web-cam?”
  • Sample French chat “voilà j’arrive enfin à écrire!bonjour à vous tous!j’entends tout!”
  • but the Spanish chat did not save as a txt file! Why was that?


The Global Education Conference Call for Papers

The Global Education conference 2011 will be held online from November 14 – 18th in multiple languages 24 hours a day to suit all time zones.  The call for submission of proposals for presentations is now on. Volunteers for moderating conference sessions are also required.

The conference seeks to present ideas, examples and initiatives related to connecting educators and
classrooms around the world with an emphasis on promoting global awareness and fostering
global competency in students. If you know of someone who is doing great work or if you need help in submitting a presentation proposal, please leave a comment on this post. The date for submission of papers has been extended to the end of October, so if you can present on any aspect of global connectedness and collaboration, please consider  sharing with others around the world, by submitting a proposal. There are a number of strands:-
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Curricular
  • Policy and Leadership
Here is what you should do:-
  1. Join the ning Global Education Collaborative
  2. Goto the Calls for Proposals page and follow the prompts.
  3. Wait to hear if your proposal has been accepted.
  4. Then choose your time and day when the proposal has been accepted.
Dont miss this great conference either as a presenter, volunteer or as a participant! If you have never presented before, do not worry. There are many to help you through! Tweet it out with #globaled11

Closing celebrations – the start of something new!

They came from all over the globe for the  Final Ceremony of the Global Education Conference. Check out these amazing figures  for the Global Education Conference #globaled10:-

  1. 15,028 unique logins; 8,372 hours attended; 32,681 website visits.
  2. 5 days over 500 hours in a row, 8300 session attendance hours

Here are some comments from Steve Hargadon during the final session of the conference:-

  • We became a community during the week – connected with so many people
  • Watched an amazing learning curve took place – peer learning – there were so many peer acts.
  • The conference was to be all inclusive – tried to be inclusive as possible so all could participate. They didn’t get as many presentations as they would have liked from across the world eg Eastern Europe
  • Even if there was only one participant, there was an opportunity to present
  • Physical conferences have been restricted with space – people got a chance to present
  • There was no funding – didn’t have to pay for keynote speakers – so no money transfer – therefore conference was seen as trustworthy

Here are a few comments from the participants:-

  • Karen Cator – highly connected
  • Julene Reed: I feel like you were all with me at my desk this week! It was a very crowded office!
  • Patricia Barrett: This is going to grow exponentially from this moment on
  • Gabriel Vleisides (Co-Chair -East Europe ): Love the videos !!  Thank you everyone for sharing your world with us !!
  • Larry Anderson-ADE: Steve & Lucy have truly personified leadership this week!
  • We have experienced Web 3.0
  • JennyA: Global learning, global moving forward, global problem solving

And to show the truly global nature of the conference, some of the chat was in Spanish

I love the fact that in this room we are sharing different days, different times, different cultures etc but we all share a passion for teaching, learning and global education. Steve Hargadon, Lucy Gray and Julie Lindsay and many, many more have made possible, what many would say is impossible. I am proud to say that I was part of this amazing conference.

The conference may have finished, but the connections and conversations are just starting.